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author of The Actuality 

fear makes her human // humans make her fear

Sandstone Press February 2021

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Hi, just curious, my posts don't show on my home page - I thought they should list there. Or is that…
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  •  · Agreed Ron and Paul it's hard work tracking your comments down  I think they need to decide on some …

You've got the luxury of challenging every sentence for excess. Make sure you never use more than one adjective, or one description. For example if you have wriiten 'he was breathing hard and sweating' go with either he was breathing hard' or 'he was sweating'.

Thanks V. I really enjoyed Klara and the Sun. I love the premise, particularly the period with Klara in the store, she's so innocent. The way that Klara processes complex information by seeing it in boxes is a stroke of cubist genius. He's such a unique writer that it's pointless musing how one would have perhaps tackled things later differently, as he is what he is! You just have to suspend what you know about how people behave and accept his 'reality'.

Makes me want to revisit mine when I get time

No, nothing with Radio 4, can't have everything! The audiobook is read by the actress Eva Feiler and she has a lovely (English) accent. She makes Evie (my protagonist) sound very sweet.

Nice bold site Dave, good use of your author image.

They should give Rose and me commission for selling them so well!

When you wrote about your 'helicopter site', I thought you were being metaphorical in some way, but I see on your profile you were one! 13,000 followers is huge.

Thanks Lynn! It's actually out already, since the 18th of February, although no bookshops open to find it in!

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