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Hi everyone, I am a writer, former PR, keen gardener. I'm getting ready to query my novel - The River House Mythology - a supernatural family mystery set in Jamaica. I've recently joined Jericho Writers and intend to make the most of all the wonderful content in the coming months.

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Hi Ben 

From a reader's perspective, the 99p deals on Kindle are a great way to find new reads/new authors, so why not. 

Congratulations Julie, that's great news. Definitely time for querying now!

Hi Chele

I've been checking this too, I'm six hours behind UK. I think it is midnight their time - very late for them after a bank holiday!

Hi Iris

I think Laure's comments will help add an element of mystery/intrigue to your query, at the moment it feels like you're telling us too much. The concept sounds like the kind of book I read, sometimes it seems writing the query is harder than the book!

Added a comment to Bad adverbs 

If we made a list of all the 'do this, cut this, don't do that' advice and applied it to our wip then the life would be beaten out of many great stories. Take all the advice on board and then apply cautiously (ha! another one!), sometimes an adverb is the right choice - and as others have said, there are plenty of published works that prove this.  

Good luck to everyone with all your April goals. I'm intending to finish this round of edits/revisions on book 2 and possibly read the whole thing again (or maybe listen to it via text to speech) - and watch as many of the self-publishing webinars as possible. 

Really useful advice, thank you!

Hi David

Just as a comparison for you, I queried around 25 UK/USA agents over several months last year. I had one request for a full and a bunch of mostly pleasant rejection emails. All but one or two eventually replied, some several months later. Some take much longer than others. Be patient but in the meantime, start/work on something else, as Jane says.

Hi Robert

I attach an edit - it's still on the long side. And I think you perhaps give too much away about the denouement. These query letters are a complete headache!

A VOICE AT CULLODEN is a supernatural thriller complete at 81,000 words. It is a stand-alone novel with series potential set in present-day America and Scotland.

Humble U.S. Marine Lieutenant Angus MacDonald, is a warrior when threatened. Ancient powers chose him, designed him in fact, circa 750 AD. The gods of Olympus created a genetic pathway through the centuries; 1,270 years later, his genes have passed through many generations of Norse and Scots. 

When Angus the man, sets foot on Culloden battlefield, where his clan perished, supernatural events are triggered and Angus' soul accepts the risk of death thrust upon it by unknown entities. Baffled, Angus is impelled to find a mystical silver box, lost by the Gods when the British routed the MacDonald Highlanders three centuries earlier. He finds the relic, and is visited by Hades, who wants the silver box. Beset by impossible odds, Angus’ hopes lift when new friends rally round. But Hades has rebelled against Zeus and threatens to enslave humanity.

This threat follows him back to America. Tragedy strikes during a battle and Hades wields dark forces that render guns useless. Conflict rages from Washington D.C. out to the Great Plains as Angus and friends strive for victory. A lifetime of training and centuries of divining have ill prepared Angus for the terrible consquences of this battle. For the sake of Earth, he must rage back.

Shayne Silvers’ Ascension has similar themes, though Joseph Nassise’s Darkness Reigns is closer in plot. This story is Earth based, with only minor excursions into close space.

Since childhood, stories of Rob Roy MacGregor, Robert the Bruce, and the ancient Greek heroes have filled my soul. I know them intimately; their tales light the back story of this novel. Writing fills most of my days since retiring from a career in finance.


Hi Nekolisha

Referring to your 'making out' scenes for YA - the 'uncomfortable' feeling never goes away. Many successful authors have difficulty writing scenes of a sexual nature. I have a scene in my current wip with a 16 year old girl and boy and it has not been easy to write - probably because I'm such a long way from that age now! 

Good luck, enjoy your writing and keep posting!

Hi Robert

This is exactly the type of succinct summary that should form the middle of your letter. You can add a little more detail in terms of plot after this, using an edited version of your previous paras and concentrating on Angus' point of view. 

With age comes great wisdom (hopefully!) - I'm no spring chicken either! I don't mean stating your planet years, maybe a hint of your professional or other interests, 'my professional life centred on XYZ', that's it.

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