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I want to apologise when I get nervous. Sometimes citation and gossip gets the better of a person, but that is no reason to put the ink down. The most special time in life, is just waiting around the corner, and you at least need to know both sides of the story. I also want to thank, when I get lethargic. The amount of time spent rolling over in bed, trying to sleep off the stupor, is no better to my health than The Gilmore Girls or Naruto, when I’m trying to eat my breakfast. I guess I just want to put my toe in the water with a differing crowd sometimes, and I know that hurts for some people, but this is a kind of home, and I want you to know, that is my intention with writing as well. Mostly, I am sorry for being a troll, but we can all pay the fair for the bridge sometimes, when there is a hero at our side, with very complex and conflicted machinations and emotions none the less.

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