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We have been preparing for the pandemic to spread, the preparations have been hilarious, but let us take this on a universal scale. The study of viruses is close to the study of bio organisms, like prokaryotes and eukaryotes, one with equinamity and one with a minuscule brain, and one has to wonder at the habits of humans, and how it relates to their horoscopes. The likelihood of a nuclear weapon to take the Vatican is the level of hysteria that has gripped the world with the onslaught of covid 19, but who is dealing with the fallout? A blameless public, with the responsibility of organising beds and masks for their patients, is on the brink of death with this advent, but the donation of money might be bigger than the desire to throw all those toilet rolls into the sea. With the alms of fiction on our minds, one has to marvel at the rank and file that make these decisions behind closed doors, and the ones prepared to open them.

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