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Getting Published Day is now Getting Published Week!

We've turned our Getting Published Day into an extended online event: Getting Published Week! We’re not letting self-isolation stop us; join us on March 28 for 10 days of interactive webinars, tutorials, & networking with top agents, authors, and publishers. 

Featuring online webinars from authors Harry Bingham, Sarah Juckes, James Law, Debi Alper and myself, Holly Seddon. Plus agents Laura Williams (Greene & Heaton), Hannah Weatherill (Northbank Talent) and Megan Carroll (Watson Little) and Sam Jordison co-founder of award-winning publisher Galley Beggar Press. 

This is set to be one of the most comprehensive and useful Getting Published events we’ve ever done. We're excited to bring you interactive content that will help you get your book out into the world, straight from your living room. There is a networking group on the community available solely for ticket holders too. 

Buy a ticket to our Getting Published Week here!

Members of Jericho Writers get 10% off and it's currently free to join for a 14-day membership

We hope to see you there!

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  • Hi Holly Seddon I am assuming if we were registered for the day event we are automatically added to the week event and no need to re-register? Thanks :-)

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    • Hi Jaqs, that's right but you should be receiving an email from us about it! Do let me know if you don't hear soon and I will look into it for you. :)

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      • Thanks :-)

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      • So just to be clear on this.... it is not an actual event where people will be gathering in one place physically but via online from the comfort of our own homes?

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        • I am waiting to receive an email about the 'Getting Published Week'. As it has already started, I am very disappointed not to have received the promised email with information on how to join. Like Jaqs, I am already doing 'The Ultimate Novel Writing Course' with you and I know this event is included. Communication need to be better.

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