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Coming good sixty years later

Some sixty years ago I just passed my ‘O’ Level History exam and actually took two attempts to pass English Language (but I did pass English Literature first time which was perhaps a clue).  However my English and History teachers would, if they were still alive, be astonished I wrote three historical novels in two years.

However the last one is about a period when I was alive, which I find a little disconcerting. Does this make me history?

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    • I remember asking my daughter what she was studying in history. She said the second World War. I retorted that was not history. That is almost now it is my story.

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      • Yesterday is history, so, sure, you're book qualifies as an historical novel. Maybe "contemporary history," if you want to give reader a clue as to timeframe.

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        • There is a convention, which historical novel prizes insist on, (for example, the Walter Scott Prize) that 'historical' starts 80 years ago from the present. Don't know why this is the cut-off point. 

          I once asked my granddaughter what they were taught at school as history. 'Oh, Hitler', she told me. 'And Joe Stalin', I asked her. 'Who?' was the response.

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