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JW Members Only - elevator pitches please!

Hello JW members

As per my email - can I have your elevator pitches please for the webinar next week. Webinar info here:


(That link does work - I've just checked it - but you do need to be logged in to the JW site to see it.)

Rules for the elevator pitch:

  • One submission per person please
  • JW members only (sorry everyone else - but this is a members only event)
  • Max 50 words per pitch
  • But aim for less. Most pitches can be done in <20 words, and often <10

Hope to see loads of you at the webinar. I'm looking forward to it myself ...

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  • Harry Potter meets Alias, as a 12yr old schoolgirl with an unwelcome magical destiny is recruited by a covert government agency to save her family (and herself) from the threat of ritualised witchcraft.

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    • Amelia Borgiotti died a martyr in 1643 and couldn’t stop trying to save people even after she became a ghost, but she needed to possess the living to deal with Nero’s curse. 

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      • grotesque genetic experiments and planned slaughter in the HIgh Andes - only 3 teenagers can stop them

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        • In Victorian Liverpool, a gullible youth wants money. A violent thief wants an accomplice. The police want justice. But what is justice?

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          • Hiya Harry

            Thank you so much for the webinar the other night-  really generous with your time and feedback (although possible avoidance of the bedtime saga possibly?! My husband always find things to do as well...! )               

            I have reflected on the DNA of my book (love that term) and acted on your feedback which was- mine had too much going on. 

            Here is another go:

            1930’s England- the world is in the state of flux which allows an interwoven love story to blossom that pushes an artist, a playwright, an heiress and a psychopath to their limits.  Who will triumph? 

            I would really welcome any comments that anybody might have. To me it feels like like climbing a mountain with a toothpick. 

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