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Opportunities for BAME writers

There’s never been a more important time for diverse writers 

The world is a technicolor place filled with diverse voices – and our books should represent that. This newsletter rounds up advice on Jericho on diverse writing, as well as showcasing opportunities open now for BAME writers, and ways we can all support each other.  

Congratulations to our Festival bursary winners! 

This week, thirty under-represented and low-income writers were offered free places to the Summer Festival of Writing. Missed out? You can still buy your ticket at 50% off if you’re a member of Jericho Writers.  


NEW on Jericho Writers 

MASTERCLASS: Writing characters different from you – Part two (FREE for members) 

Join prize-winning author Patrice Lawrence for the final part of this series, as she delves into the process of ensuring your diverse books are sensitive and accurate to real lives.  



BURSARY: Free place on the life-changing Self-Edit Your novel course, September 

Deadline 31 August. We're offering one place on Debi Alper’s Self-Editing tutored course starting in September, to one worthy under-represented writer. This course has seen 1-in-4 alumni published!


WEBINAR: Writing to market, with Melissa Addey (Exclusive to members) 

24 June 2020. Join indie expert Melissa Addey as she takes the six-step process used in business and applies it to developing ideas for books, to ensure your ideas sell – however you’re looking to publish.  



Content corner: Opportunities round-up 

Are you a BAME writer? Here’s a round-up of some of the opportunities open to you, right now. We’ll also be tweeting as many as we can find on @jerichowriters.  

Hashtag Blak open submissions 

This indie publisher has opened its submissions portal to under-represented writers who don’t currently have an agent, writing for adults or young adults. Closes 1 July 2020. 

HarperCollins 'One More Chapter’ Open Submissions 

The digital imprint of HarperCollins have opened submissions to black, own-voices writers of commercial fiction – no agent needed.  

Agent Gemma Cooper Open Submissions 

Writers of children’s literature and graphic novels are invited to submit to Gemma today. She’ll also be offering feedback and advising on questions where possible. Email cooperqueries@thebentagency.com 

Horror zine ‘Blood Bath’ open extend submissions 

If you have a good horror novel on Vampires, this one’s for you! Open to black writers only until 1 July 2020. 

Want to help diverse voices get heard? Two amazing organisations are asking for donations this week. 

Have you seen any opportunities for BAME or low-income writers recently? Sign up for free and show your support in the Townhouse, here. 

Stay well x 

Sarah J  

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    • Hi Sarah,

      I have a question that's been nagging me for ages: would a European spanish or portuguese person living in the UK or USA be considered as being minority ethnic and therefore in the group BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic)?

      In the US the terms hispanic and latino are used to describe people originating from south american countries whose language is spanish or portuguese. They are in the "minority ethnic" category. What about the people who also speak those languages and originate from European countries (Spain & Portugal) and have similar latin cultures? Are they also considered "minority ethnic" when they live in US or UK? Do the US and UK have same or different BAME labels?

      I really would love to get some clarity on this because I never know whether I can or should submit to competions under the BAME label. Hope you can shed some light...

      Thank you for your time.

      Donna Costa

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