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Townhouse member to be published by Michael Joseph after six-way auction

Our very own Laure Van Rensburg (L.) is in The Bookseller today as her debut novel, The Downfall has been acquired in by Michael Joseph after a six-way auction. 

From The Bookseller:

Editorial director Clio Cornish acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Juliet Mushens at Mushens Entertainment. North American rights were sold at auction to Wes Miller at GCP by Jenny Bent on behalf of Mushens. German, Norwegian and Italian pre-empts were concluded even before the English language rights were sold and the novel sold at auction in Brazil, Finland, France and Holland.

In The Downfall, "Ellie – a young, inexperienced student – is preparing for a romantic weekend away with Steven, an older, charismatic teacher. Excited to get to know one another better away from prying eyes, they escape to a remote cabin. But when a snowstorm strands them it becomes apparent that they both have dark secrets – and that only one of them will escape the weekend alive."

The book will be a "major" launch for Michael Joseph, publishing in hardback, e-book and audio in early 2022, with a paperback to follow.

Huge congratulations from everyone at Jericho Writers, L! 

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  • Congratulations!

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    • Well done L. !!! Amazing news! 

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      • So wonderful when this happens to 'one of our own'. Laure SO deserves this, not just because she's clearly such a brilliant writer but also because she's so supportive of others. Go, L!

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        • Excellent. Well done.

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          • Inspirational! The blurb makes it sound like the kind of thing you need to read with one eye covered for when it gets too scary!

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