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Announcing the Ultimate Novel Writing Course 2020-21

We wanted to create the ultimate novel writing course. A course that contains all the traditional tutoring of a professional MA, but super-charged with mentoring; events and genuine opportunities to get work published.

Starts: 1 October 2020 

Duration: One year


This professional vocational course is for writers who are serious about writing a viable book in their genre. 
You'll work closely with four expert tutors to develop your idea into a publishable manuscript, then receive help and opportunities to get your novel published – traditionally or independently.

Meet your tutors

Apply for the course with an idea for a new novel, or a rough first draft you’re willing to work on.
Your one-to-one mentor and tutors will guide you through the writing and editing process step-by-step, before personally introducing you to top literary agents and indie experts at the end of the course.

Find out more

Monthly one-to-ones; two life-changing events; a full manuscript assessment.
No other course in the world offers this level of professional tutoring, feedback and industry-based opportunity. Applications are now open. To find out more and apply, please download the course prospectus below.

Download the full prospectus

If you'd like to speak to us about the course before applying, we'd love to hear from you. You can phone us on +44 (0) 345 459 9560* or email info@jerichowriters.com.

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  • Nice idea but at £5000 more that you are likely to earn from the novel! Call me cynical but...

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    • Yes I’d be interested but funds are an issue.

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