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Our journey to becoming a publisher

A few weeks ago, Harry posted a blog telling you all about our foray into publishing, Covers? Sorted. Reviews? Sorted. The response we received, and the follow-up questions you posted, prompted us to think a little more about the kind of publisher we’d like to be. Why wouldn’t we share our journey with you? Afterall, we are a community of writers – supporting each other on our individual journeys to publication.  

So that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to share our successes, processes, hiccups, and the tricks we learn along the way.  

Our first title, Getting Published by Harry Bingham, was released as an ebook and paperback on Amazon two weeks ago. We kept this pretty quiet for a while – we’ll tell you our reasoning for that another time – but for now let me tell you a little more about the book.  

Getting Published is Harry’s definitive guide to getting your book traditionally published. It was a mammoth task, but Harry has covered every possible question that writers like us might have. Getting Published will 

  • Tell you if you need an agent and how to find one 
  • Teach you how to create a captivating query letter and synopsis 
  • Show you how to create a book proposal 
  • Help you negotiate the world of literary agents 
  • Explain the market for books as it exists in the 2020s 
  • Help you figure out your publishing contract 
  • Show you how to maximise your chances of successful publication – and how to work with editorial, with cover design, with publicists and every other part of publishing 
  • Teach you what you really need to know about author brand 
  • Address all the financial questions you’re likely to have

To find out more and to get your hands on a copy go here if you’re in the UK or here if you’re based in the US. 

Oh, and if you think we’ve missed something out, let us know… that’s what second editions are for!  

We’ll be sharing more Jericho Writers Publishing news over the coming weeks, but until then we hope you enjoy the book!

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    • This is probably obvious to everyone else, but how do I get a digital copy of Harry's book if I don't have Kindle? Thanks

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