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Hey, I'm back!

Hey, how is everyone? Been gone for a while. Whilst trying to juggle the festival and my own novel, I decided to take a break from Townhouse. But I'm back! If you're reading this, how are you?! 

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  • Hi Sibo, welcome back. How did uou enjoy the festival? Are you back to school?

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    • The festival was amazing! I can't even explain it... How did you find it?

      Actually I'm done with school now, I passed yay! Waiting to go to University 

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      • Congrats on your exams! The festival was brilliant, my first ever literary festival. I've learn't a lot and really enjoyed the sense of community. Will definitely be back for more next year.

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      • Welcome back.

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        • Thank you!

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        • Hi Sibo, It's nice to meet you! So you are starting University now? Is it online? You know I just missed the Festival. It looked like it was amazing. 

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          • I'm going to China, next year. It's a pleasure to meet you too 

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