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Have your work critiqued live by industry experts!

We have a few events coming up where you can submit your work to be critiqued live by experts. This is a great opportunity for you to get another pair of eyes on your manuscripts and help you overcome those editing hurdles or submission niggles. Coming along to these virtual events will help you see how to improve and polish your work, so even if you don’t have anything ready, it’s definitely worth tuning in!


Send a 500 word extract of your work that feels a bit saggy for Harry Bingham to edit live on camera.

Send to: submissions@jerichowriters.com using the subject line EDITING WITH EELS

REGISTER: https://members.jerichowriters.com/content/webinars/


Send in a couple of chapters of your work where you feel you’re struggling with telling not showing for Rebecca Horsfall to dissect and work on.

Send to: submissions@jerichowriters.com using the subject line SHOW DON’T TELL LIVE

REGISTER: https://members.jerichowriters.com/content/webinars/


Send in your letter, synopsis or first page for top literary agent Laura Williams to discuss live on camera.

Send to: submissions@jerichowriters.com using the subject line SLUSHPILE LIVE DECEMBER

REGISTER: https://members.jerichowriters.com/content/webinars/


Send us your elevator pitch (no more than 3 sentences)! The final 12 will be critiqued live by myself, Sarah Juckes and two top literary agents from the UK and USA. The winning pitch will be chosen by the audience and will win a 15 minute 1-1 with an agent and a copy of How To Write

Send to: submissions@jerichowriters.com using the subject line PITCH PERFECT 

REGISTER: https://members.jerichowriters.com/content/webinars/

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  • I’m going to need to become a member, aren’t I? I’ve been putting it off until I felt ready to really benefit, but it’s getting harder to resist.

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    • Catherine Dj,I am with you there, I have been dodging for sometime.  Now i believe I must commit.  Going all in for 2021 

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