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Interesting post on to self publish or not


Thought it was an interesting perspective. I still haven’t decided what direction to go, though within a few weeks I will be reaching out to people in this wonderful community and beyond for their thoughts and opinions.

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  • I found this wonderful bookstore called The Singing Tree, privately owned by one of my Omie’s dear friends, and as she were the presiding member of Woman’s Aglow in our area, and my Nan being the president of the woman’s club, an avid bowler, we had time for such delights as lounging around, reading the books from the store, and the little nicknacks, with money to spare - but there was one successful self publishing merit to our family - a kind of barrel chested sort of a fellow, a catholic priest, used to the world of the South African partite, and working in a jail system where he was called a sort of dirty name by the whites, but the only glimpse I got of it were about hanging bones on a tree, and the manuscript was ripped away from me by my mother, whom at the time, was very anti religious. 

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    • Umm? 

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    • Yes, lots of sound advice in there why you shouldn't rush straight to the self publishing route.

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      • Agreed. 

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