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7700 words and counting

Been picking at my book every day. 7700 or so words, 6 chapters and roughly 25% complete to bring me with an estimated 36,000 word word count. Though likely that will be too short and will need to be worked in a second draft. As 36,000 words is only 75 standard 8x11 pages. Just some thoughts of the morning.

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  • Glad you're making some good progress. I have similar thoughts about mine looking like it might be too short at the moment, but I probably don't yet have enough to really be making that judgement. I suspect with mine it's partly the case that my writing is naturally lean and the opposite of over-written, but also there's more description to layer in than I'm putting in a first draft. I'm trying not to worry about it for now, but to press on with the first draft and see where that takes me.

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    • Pretty much

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    • The farthest I've got, is 25000 words. I feel a bit like Anakin in a pod race.

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      • Per project or the main one?

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