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Couldn't resist

I couldn't resist going through my writing and tweaking what I had and just sent my 6 chapters through Grammarly, it found almost 200 mistakes, missing spaces, extra or missing commas, and a few other things.

It gives me a 85/100 score. 8,424 word count, very clear and engaging rating.

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  • I'm always going through my old stuff. Rarely change it anymore. Its like it has a life of its own. 

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    • This isn’t old stuff this still a living project that I’m in the midst of draft 1. I wanted to make it a little easier on my self rather then sending 20 chapters and sitting at it for a few hours fixing commas

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    • I sometimes wonder just how the algorithm in Grammarly has been constructed. Sometimes Grammarly objects to words that I've used because they may be difficult for people to understand. As far as I'm concerned they are words that are part and parcel of my general vocabulary, that have been lodged in my brain from many years of living and learning how language is used. Not all the Grammarly "suggestions" are accepted. Some seem to be targeted at the Facebook / Twitter world. 

      When I'm writing I do have the Grammarly extension in Word switched on so it will catch typo's and spaces etc, as I type. 

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      • A Grammarly extension for Word? But Word has all that functionality built in. So: why?

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        • Maybe he means google doc? But I think that does too

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          • Nope, it's not Google Docs. It really is Grammarly for Microsoft Word. Try it. It's a Grammarly app. It may only be available with the premium edition of Grammarly. As to the why question? simply because I like it that way.

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          • I am so glad you posted this. Just checked my first three chapters through Grammarly. Super helpful! Well done on your rating, thats awesome. 

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            • I know it’s not often right, but rather fix what I know I can while it’s easy then when I have 60k words to go through.

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