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Pitch Perfect is NEXT WEEK!

Want to have your elevator pitch critiqued by top literary agents Davinia Andrew Lynch and Mark Gottlieb?

Fancy winning a 15 minute 1-1 with a literary agent and a copy of Harry Bingham's How To Write?

We're always talking about the famous 'elevator pitch'. The summing-up of your book in only a few sentences. Being able to capture an agent or editor's imagination in a short amount of words is a real skill; a good pitch can transform your writing journey. This is why we've decided to run a competition based on your pitches.

The prize is a 15-min 1-1 with a literary agent and a copy of Harry Bingham's How To Write. All you need to do is send your pitch in a word document (no more than 3 sentences) to submissions@jerichowriters.com with the subject PITCH PERFECT.

It's really important that you use this subject line, or you could risk it not being seen! We'll narrow down a shortlist and the winner will be decided LIVE on December 14th.

Members can register for the event here.

See you on Monday and GOOD LUCK!


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  • Can't wait to read these!

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    • Yep, this is a big deal. if an elevator pitch is bang on, an agent will be inclined to forgive a lot of other faults. After all prose and plot holes can all be corrected. A great pitch? They only come along once in a long while ...

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