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How to stay motivated over the Festive period

Keep creating over Christmas

This time of year can go one of two ways – we can either have zero time alone at all to even think about writing, or we can have more time than we know what to do with. Whatever the next week looks like for you – here are some tips to keep creative.  

Jericho Writers office opening hours 

Our team are around during the festive period if you need our help for any writing-related reason at all. Our office hours are (all times GMT):  

09:00 – 17:00 GMT, Monday to Friday. 

CLOSED from 12:00 on 24 December; all day on 25 & 28 December; from 12:00 on 31 December and all day 1 January.  


This week at Jericho Writers:


WEBINARS: January is ‘finishing your book’ month (exclusive for members) 

We’re starting January as we mean to go on, with webinars from Debi Alper, Linda Camacho, Patrice Lawrence and more, themed around motivation. Join Jericho Writers now and be ready to kick off your writing year from 5 January! 


BLOG: Tips for writing a book for the first time 

This article condenses all our free advice on writing a book in one place. Whatever’s stopping you from putting pen to paper – beat it here! 


REPLAY: How to find time to finish your novel (exclusive for members) 

Holly Seddon has written several bestselling novels around four children and a day job. Learn the secret to finding time to write in this webinar replay.  



How to stay motivated to write in the dregs of 2020  

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not – the final week of 2020 is probably going to look a little different than it usually does. Here in the UK, our usual hectic family-visiting rounds have been reduced to just two households, which could either mean empty bank holidays – or a house bursting with sugar-filled kids with nowhere to go.  

For me, writing is a creative outlet that allows me to go to my happy place. If you’d like to end 2020 in your writing happy place, here are some tips to make it happen:  

1: Set a new routine.  

Getting up early to write might not work as well Christmas day. Switch it around instead to writing during quiet times – maybe just before bed, or mid-afternoon when everyone is napping off the turkey.  

2: Maintain a room of your own.  

Give yourself your own space to write in, away from the pressures of the end of the year. Even if your only ‘safe’ space is the bathroom, lock the door, take a pew and write.  

3: Write something new 

Motivation is particularly hard this time of year, so give yourself a break from your current project and try some fun writing prompts to keep your head in the game. You never know – your next story idea might come out of it. 

Have you got some good news to share this month? Have you accomplished something you’re particularly proud about? Join the Townhouse for free and share in our December good news roundup! 

Sarah x 

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