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This newsletter could contain your next story idea!

New year – new ideas

There’s something special about coming up with a new idea. The ‘I can’t stop thinking about you’ honeymoon phase can send your mind reeling, your heart aflutter and your pen dancing across the page again. This newsletter contains writing prompts and tips to start 2021 with a brand-new-shiny thing to fall in love with.  

‘Self-Edit Your Novel’ tutored course bursary closes TODAY! 

Every quarter, we give one space on the life-changing Self-Edit Your Novel tutored course with Debi Alper to a deserved under-represented writer. To bag a free spot on January’s course, submit your application before the end of today!  


This week at Jericho Writers:

WEBINAR: Writing good endings with Debi Alper (FREE) 

5 January. What better way to start the year than an hour with top editor Debi Alper? Register now to join Debi for the first webinar of the year looking at what makes a good ending. 



BLOG: How to get ideas and make them better 

Our flagship article on where book ideas come from and how you can ensure yours are good enough to get published, right from the off.  


REPLAY: New ideas hour (Exclusive for members) 

Join me and my face for an hour of writing exercises, with tips on ones you can do at home on your own, as well as advice on what makes a ‘good’ idea.  



Three writing prompts to try before the end of the year 

1: Title – ‘In the Silence’ 

Write this title at the top of your page and then write the story or poem that goes with it.  

2: First line - ‘The first time it happened, I was...’  

Write this as the first line of a story and describe what happens next.  

3: Character – this picture 

Can’t see the link? A lady stands on the edge of a lake with her arms out. Write her story.  

BONUS PROMPT: Write a story or poem inspired by the last text you sent.  

After you’ve done these, why not share them with the Community? Sign up for free, tell us which prompt you did and share your words here! Looking forward to reading them. 

Sarah J x 

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Jericho Writers office opening hours 

Our team are around during the festive period if you need our help for any writing-related reason at all. Our office hours are (all times GMT):  

09:00 – 17:00 GMT, Monday to Friday. 

CLOSED from 12:00 on 31 December and all day 1 January.  


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