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Your Publicity Toolkit

I’ve previously told you 5 Things To Know About Book Publicists. However, not all of you will have a publicist, whether that’s because your publisher doesn’t allocate you one, or because you’re self-publishing. That’s not something to worry about though – you’ll be your own publicist. And who could be a bigger advocate for you than yourself?  

There are a few things you might need in your toolkit:   

1) A website  

2) A mailing list  

3) A social media presence 

4) The confidence to brazenly ask for favours 

And here’s what you don’t need:  


So, here’s how to go about making sure that the people who will love your book get to read it...  

Building your brand  

The name Stephen King is synonymous with horror. Beth O’Leary is becoming synonymous with romance. In building your brand, you want people to hear your name and think, ‘oh, that’s the author that does [insert your genre or USP here]’. But how do you get to that point?  

One way to do this is by setting up a website. Take a look at these websites by some of my talented colleagues: Holly Seddon, Sarah Ann Juckes, Sophie Flynn, and Harry Bingham. Have a look through and see how they spotlight their books, and how they describe themselves. For more information on setting up an author website, check out our free article on the very subject here.  

From your website, you can set up a mailing list – this is a great way to have a dedicated group of readers on your side, and can do wonders at boosting your sales, which in turn increases your visibility.  


Until we return to face-to-face events, social media is your best networking tool. Twitter can seem intimidating, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be hashtagging like there’s no tomorrow!  

Set up your Twitter account and start using hashtags like and . Get your name known on Twitter, and you can start making contacts with fellow authors, book bloggers, and maybe even some agents and publishers! Whatever you do, be friendly, be polite, and talk about your book.  

Building up a supportive community will help you push your writing, no matter what publishing route you go down.  

Securing coverage  

This is where the confidence to brazenly ask for favours comes in!  

It’s worth noting that it can be difficult to gain traditional coverage as a self-published author, as many media outlets will feel that they can’t vouch for the quality of self-published works. But that’s nothing to worry about! Book bloggers are an incredible resource, and all they’ll need is a free copy of your book.  

When approaching anyone, do your research. If you’re self-published, don’t approach a magazine that won’t cover self-published books. If you’re a romance writer, don’t approach Crime Writers R Us (I don’t think this is a thing, but I hope it is...). Be targeted in who you approach and find a piece of media that will be read by people who love your genre.  

Useful resources  

Are you a member of Jericho Writers? If this blog has piqued your interest, you might be interested in the following webinar event replays: 

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Social Media 101

Not a Jericho member? Well, that’s very easily fixed! Click here to sign up and gain access to a wealth of resources that can help you fiercely advocate for your book.  

What now?  

You’ve already done one very important thing – got involved with the Jericho Writers community! Please drop your links in the comments to your websites and social media platforms (and links to buy your books, if you're published!), and don’t forget to check out your fellow author’s links and support each other. 

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    • Hi all - to set the standard, dropping some of my links below!
      Twitter: https://twitter.com/elsiegranthier 

      Bookstagram: https://www.instagram.com/bookgrants/ 

      Blog: https://elsieseyesonbooks.wordpress.com/

      I'd love to support you all across your social media/websites, etc. so do post your links in the comments! 😁 

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        • Oh your insta is SO calming and lovely 

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          • Aw thank you!

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          • This is really helpful, Elsie! As an author without a publicist, I've definitely found that being brazen enough to ask for favours is a skill I've had to use a lot but nine times out of ten everyone I've approached has been incredibly nice (bar my local media who I can't get a reply from but then the Cotswolds really is a hub of exciting news so who can blame them!).

            This is also a good reminder for me to update my website as my book is now out (whoops) and currently on a 99p deal! So, to continue with my brazen-ness here are some links:

            Twitter: https://twitter.com/sophielflynn
            Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sophieflynnauthor

            And should anyone wish to spend 99p today on a psychological thriller today I'll just place these handy links to All My Lies right here....!

            All My Lies
            Amazon: bit.ly/AllMyLies 
            Apple Books: bit.ly/AllMyLiesApple
            Kobo: bit.ly/AllMyLies-Kobo
            Google Books: bit.ly/AllMyLies-GBooks 

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