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Sharing feedback and raising issues with us

Hi everyone, I wanted to firstly draw your attention to a couple of additions we’ve made to our community rules. We try to keep a very light touch on the ‘rules’ but they will evolve as and when we experience new situations and issues we need to act upon. 

A more legalese and dry set of Terms are also available here.

As you’ve probably noticed, Emily and I look at as many of the posts and comments shared here as possible, and if someone has a question we can answer, we always try to be helpful and prompt. But if you have an urgent query or issue about the community, emailing us both is best. We both work part-time, so this is the best way to get a reply as soon as possible.     

Emily’s email is e.dsouza@jerichowriters.com 

Holly’s email is h.seddon@jerichowriters.com 

Similarly, if you have an issue with a product or service you have purchased from Jericho Writers, posting on the community is not the best route to satisfaction. While the community team does try to flag up anything we see that needs a response from Writers Support, it’s far quicker to contact them directly. The vast majority of people are very happy with the products and services they receive, but we want to know about the minority of cases where this is not the case so that we can resolve them as quickly and helpfully as possible. 

On a slightly more serious note, we can’t allow any posts to be shared that make serious implications or allegations about members of our team or our editors. We absolutely want to know if you have any concerns at all about the work done by our team, but the community is not the place to air those concerns.

Please also remember that the team here are all committed to helping you to become the best writers you can be, and personally I’ve never met a more dedicated and passionate group of people. That’s not to say we’re all perfect and never make any errors, but that we’re human beings and we’re always striving to do the very best for you. 

If you want to discuss any of the issues raised, please feel free to email me on h.seddon@jerichowriters.com.  

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