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My Week at Work Experience

image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=507&dpx=2&t=1625820076My name is Anna, I’m 17, and I spent the past week interning with Jericho Writers. I’ve just finished my first year of A-Levels, and I’m studying English Literature, history, and politics. I’ve always loved reading, and with that came my enjoyment of English. I’ve always known I want to work with words. Until I was 11, I had my heart set on being a bestselling author, with plans to win Strictly Come Dancing along the way (but that’s another story). When I reached the age when I realised that being an author possibly isn’t the most dependable job, my ambitions changed: I would become an English Teacher. That was before I realised that I did not want to spend my evening marking essays, or dealing with students who really don’t want to be in a classroom learning about pathetic fallacy and sensory imagery.

It was around this point that my aunt’s writing got more serious – she managed to get an agent for her novel! We were all very excited, and I began to learn more about the publishing industry, realising how interesting I found it. In 2019, I secured work experience at Oxford University Press, which only strengthened my desire to work in this field. So, when it came to late 2020 and I had the opportunity to seek more work experience, my first thought was Jericho. My mum is a member, and I’d attended a couple of events already, so I felt pretty confident I’d have a good time. I was correct.

Over this week, I’ve been mainly stationed (virtually, of course) with Writer’s Support (although I have also spent time with the Content team), who have been brilliant in both giving me independence and support in the tasks I’ve been assigned. I couldn’t have asked for a more varied week, from query letter review training and replying to advisory submissions, to writing agent profiles and reading editorial reports. Meetings with various other departments have allowed me to find out as much as possible about the different sides of publishing.

My favourite task was the advisory submissions. This included the most editorial work (which I find really exciting and enjoyable), and I liked having direct contact with members, and being able to see how my advice helped someone. Being welcomed as a member of the team gave me a real flavour of workplace life – I feel really lucky to have had such a relevant and inspirational work experience (especially compared to some of my friends!).

After my time here, I’ve got one year left of compulsory education, after which I hope to study English Lit at university. I’m currently researching different universities (UEA is my top pick so far!), and I really hope to get a job in publishing in the future that I enjoy as much as I’ve enjoyed this week. I can’t mention everyone who’s helped me this week, but without exception, every person has been kind, supportive and encouraging.  Thank you to everyone at Jericho – I’ve had a really great time.

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    • It's been lovely working with you this week too! Thank you for your time and all the hard work. Remember to stay in touch and let us know how you're getting on! x 

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      • Of course! Thank you x

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      • I went to UEA - not to study writing or literature, mind. I really enjoyed it. The university is lively and varied. Things like the Sainsbury Centre and the School of Development Studies give it cultural weight and an international feel, while the Creative Writing course is an offer few unis can match. Norwich is excellent too - big enough to have a lot going on, not too big to feel alienating. It has a unity to it that bigger cities (I've also lived in Manchester and Nottingham) can't maintain. I was there for eight years, and would happily go back. The countryside around is lovely, and surprisingly varied (Norfolk ain't all flat), and it has a coast too!

        Good luck wherever you choose.

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        • My son went to UEA. Fantastic university. He loves Norwich too and has made some life long friends there. He said it was a really great experience. He went on to do his masters in the Netherlands and graduated with honours. He said UEA set him up nicely.

          Good luck with it all

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          • As I'm from Norwich, of course I'm going to say UEA. More than a few of the past students stay in the city, I know several from all over the world, who have fallen in love with Norwich. Yes, there is the National Centre of Writing, on King's Street, in the medieval Dragon's Hall, I am hopeless at links and IT but you should find it on their website. Norwich is a smallish city and easy to get around and we are all lovely!! Best of luck with your studies, Anna, and working with Jericho. 

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            • All the best for a brilliant future, Anna. I enjoyed reading your blog.  

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