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Last chance to apply for the Ultimate Novel Writing Course

It’s deadline week! 

We’re reaching the final deadline for applications for the 2021-22 Ultimate Novel Writing Course this week, as well as final calls for our Writing for Children online course AND the Self-Edit Your Novel Bursary. If you’re not too busy with your applications, we also have reminders of the final Summer Festival of Writing events as our summer draws to a close.  

COURSE: Last chance to apply for The Ultimate Novel Writing Course 2021-22  

FINAL DEADLINE 27 AUGUST! No other course gives you this level of feedback and guidance on your manuscript. If you’re serious about writing a publishable book this year, submit your application now for either the UK/Europe or the International course.  



This week at Jericho Writers: 

TUTORED COURSES: Writing for Children starts 3 September (Discounts for members) 

Our online tutored course on Writing for Children starts next week! This course is getting fantastic feedback and calls for Round 2, so make sure you check it out if you’d like guidance from an expert tutor and a small class of like-minded writers.  


BURSARY: Apply for the Self-Edit Your Novel Bursary 

Deadline 1 September! If you’re an underrepresented writer, you could win a fully-funded place on our upcoming Self-Edit your Novel tutored course, now SOLD OUT until 2023. It’s free to enter and we urge you to give it a go (even if you’ve been previously unsuccessful!) 


MEMBER EVENT: Writing and publishing a series 

TODAY. Series sell, particularly in genre fiction such as romance, mysteries & thrillers, and sci-fi. This workshop looks at how to plan, write and launch a new series successfully as a self-published author.




EVENTS: Final week for the Summer Festival of Writing! 

How is it the end of August already?! This week, we’re ending on a high with a fabulous panel on writing for Young Adults on Thursday and the one and only Friday Night Live Finale on Friday. 


SUCCESS STORY: Hodder Studio pre-empts 'irresistibly compelling' debut by Wiz Wharton 

What a delight it was to open The Bookseller today and see Friday Night Live finalist 2020 Wiz Wharton! Ghost Girl, Banana has already sold rights across the world and we couldn’t be prouder. Congratulations, Wiz!  


Hear from the tutors of the Ultimate Novel Writing Course International 

With the deadline for the Ultimate Novel Writing Course International approaching this week, we caught up with tutor Lindsey Alexander to find out more about the mentoring aspect of this super-charged, year-long course.  

“The mentoring component of the UNWC is one-on-one customized coaching that’s calibrated to your needs as you move through the course. Your mentor is your creative collaborator, someone who’s going to get to know you and your project really well in order to help you ensure that your novel reflects your intentions in a way that’s going to captivate your reader. Each month, you’ll submit a portion of your work-in-progress to your mentor. You and your mentor will connect for a conversation over Zoom or by phone, typically for about an hour. You can also opt for written feedback or choose a combination of the two. 

In our conversations, we think big and brainstorm, review specific passages in your manuscript to look at what’s working well and where there might be room for improvement and navigate the ups and downs of the writing life as you build toward a sustainable creative practice you’ll be able to stick with long after the course is over.

Between these conversations, your mentor is there to field your questions, concerns, and middle-of-the-night epiphanies, and each month, your mentor will gather their group of students for a Zoom conversation to reflect on the tutorials and discuss progress and challenges together. You’ll also have the option of continuing your work with your mentor through a manuscript assessment in the final months of the course.” 

The deadline to apply for this international course is THIS FRIDAY. Find out more and submit your application here. Or read the full interview with all tutors on this International course here.  

Sarah J x 

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Brand-new one-to-ones available 

We’ve recently released 160 new one-to-one slots with agents and book doctors. These are booking up extremely fast (as usual) so grab yours before they disappear. 

Mentoring (10% discount available)  

Get expert one-to-one help as you write and edit your manuscript with your choice of award-winning mentors. 

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Whether it’s a business or a book, the journey isn’t easy – and Jan kindly shares her experience of non-fiction publishing with us here. 

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