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Membership walkthrough week 1: Video Courses

Hello Members of Jericho Writers!

Thanks to all of you who recently completed the Summer Member survey. It's been so delightful going through the responses - it all helps us make your membership more "genuinely useful" (which is a huge part of what we're all about). 

One of the patterns I’m seeing is that the Jericho Writers membership offers SO MUCH STUFF, that it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming to know where to start. 

We’re working on some technical ways to help, but meanwhile, I wanted to do a series of weekly blogs introducing you to the various parts of your membership; how to navigate them and tips on how to make the most out of them. We’ll be posting these here every Wednesday for five weeks, but let’s kick things off with the thing that makes up the biggest part of your membership (at least in terms of money saved!) – the Video Courses.  

(Please note that most of the links in this article are only for those of you who are logged in!)

Jericho Writers Video Courses: what are they?  

Jericho Writers started life with these video courses. Our flagship ‘How to Write’; ‘Getting Published’ and ‘Self-Publishing’ courses were what gave us the idea to offer as much stuff as we could to writers, for one flat fee.  

Taught by resident expert Harry Bingham, these comprehensive courses take the topic of writing and publishing and walk you through it, step by step. I’ve taken these courses myself and learned things that honestly changed my career (especially the ‘Getting Published’ one!)  

Because they’re video courses and split into separate video modules, you can take these courses easily in your spare time. You can skip parts you’re less interested in; pause to write notes when you need to and download audio files to listen to whilst walking the dog, or download the slides to flick through without the chat.  

We know these courses are useful for members, so this year we’ve been investing in adding more to the line-up. We kicked things off with a course from Self-Publishing expert Nicholas Erik this year on Amazon Ads, which walks you through the process of setting ads up, step-by-step. We then added a course on Writing for Young People with the Godfather of Young Adult literature; Melvin Burgess, which covers everything from your idea, to live-editing.  

Coming soon, we have more on self-publishing for beginners, novel writing, and finding a literary agent. We’re also looking into how to make these more interactive and communal, which I am VERY EXCITED ABOUT.  

Where to find your Video Courses 

These are all 100% included in any Jericho Writers membership. You can find links to them by hovering over ‘My Jericho’ in the top menu, or under ‘Writing and Publishing Resources’ form your dashboard.  

All the video courses are listed on one page (direct link if you’re logged-in here!). Simply choose the one you want, and you’ll find all the videos in the course listed in chronological order. When you’re watching a video, you’ll even find the next one in the series queued-up waiting for you on the right-hand side. 

Tips on how to get started with Video Courses 

If you’ve just joined Jericho Writers, I recommend starting off by taking a video course. They offer a great deal of advice that lays a solid foundation of learning on which to build on with other masterclasses and advice.  

If you’re new to writing, or have joined because you’re battling with a book, try the ‘How to Write’ course. Take it from the beginning if you can, but skip through and focus in as needed – especially if there is a particular topic you’re struggling with. Those who are writing specifically for young people might also like to try the ‘Writing for Young People’ course alongside it, for genre-specific advice.  

If you’ve joined Jericho Writers looking for a publishing deal, then the ‘Getting Published’ course is an absolute must. Do watch the sessions on what happens after you get a deal too – those are super important whatever stage you’re at.  

If you are considering self-publishing, then try the ‘Self-Publishing’ course. Those who are already underway can also take the ‘Amazon Ads’ course.  

Whatever stage you’re at in your work, these video courses cover the fundamental need-to-know stuff that makes them an essential part of your membership. Next week, we’ll look at the other 400+ masterclass videos also included in your membership that you can use to advance your learning, covering just about every aspect of writing and publishing you can dream of!  

Until then, our friendly team are happy to help if you need any further help or advice. Happy writing!  

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