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Adventurer 101 xx Ch1 Pt2

"Here ya go, kid!" The elderly man had thrust the door to his old barn wide open. Dust flew into their noses for a moment or two, and Riddle was left with an unexpectedly long stretch of silence. He looked at the old man, who stood there with a grin smacked under his bushy mustache and his arms proudly stamped at his sides. 

"What am I looking at," Riddle questioned.

The old man cackled. "Why you stupid kid!" He raised a shaky hand and pointed forward. Then left, then right, then pretty much everywhere else. "You need a sommel to herd the dang feemocks, little fella! They aren't gonna give a hush-heck if you leap at 'em, otherwise!"

Riddle examined the barn. There was a very tremendously noticeably large amount of lack of feemocks. "It's an empty barn, sir," Riddle said. 

"Naaaahhahaha," the old man laughed and scooted away from the barn. "Go on, Pipper, show the nice boy the ropes." He left Riddle at the entrance.

"But wait, I-- AAGH--"

Riddle screamed and waved his arms frantically in front of his face. He huffed, staring at a very confusing animal. It was a common furry brown animal with four legs, a bushy fox-like tail, and a decently long neck. The only really odd part about the apparent sommel was that its ass was shaped like an egg and its head puffed out with large, oval feathers. The sommel, in general, had the appearance of a very short camel with the head of an anteater and the torso of a slinky.

Riddle stared at the sommel. Pipper stared at Riddle.


"Get to work, slacker!" The old man yelled from his porch.

Pipper blinked his bulging eyes at Riddle and flicked out a slimy, purple tongue.

*End of Chapter One*

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