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Adventurer 101 xx Ch2

Riddle spent far too much time simply trying to get Pipper out to the fields with him. The egg-butt creature wobbled relentlessly and found every moving thing to be a distraction. Pipper stopped to wreak havoc on every single ant pile by sticking his entire face inside. 

"No-- Pipper--" Riddle tried to lift the sommel up and away from his snack. He was hardly taller than Riddle's knees, yet seemed to have eaten rocks more than anything else in his lifetime. 

"I-- Need-- You-- To-- Help!" With all of the strength his little preteen muscles could muster, Riddle heaved the sommel up and carried him through the pasture. The fat creature blocked much of the view at his feet, not surprisingly, and Riddle spent an equal amount of time carefully stepping around holes, over roots, and into feemock poop piles. And just as soon as Riddle started to regret taking the stupid quest, he heard a faint moo in the distance. Riddle paused and peered around in the sunny pasture. "Bells?"

"Is that them," Riddle beamed. He lowered Pipper to the ground, who flopped down into a roll and popped back up. Pipper seemed to change his behavior quite suddenly. He paused to sniff the breeze, chose a direction and trotted forward, his brown fox-like tail stout against the pulling grass. Riddle followed.

He brought a smile to his lips when he saw the grazing herd of feemocks dead ahead of him. Pipper gave a snort and puffed out the feathers on his head, clearly ready to be useful, finally. But a question came to Riddle's mind: How the heck does one herd? 

"Do we just..." Riddle jumped up from his place in the grass and jogged toward the herd. He got about four feet away from them and they didn't react. He poked one's nose as it walked by. "They don't even care, though."

Riddle cringed. "'Hush-heck.' Stupid directions." He turned around at Pipper, who was watching Riddle from a safe distance. He was supposed to use Egg-Butt to herd, somehow. He pointed to the herd. He waved to the herd. He tried to pull Pipper to the herd with an imaginary force of wind. 

"Come on, Pipper, help me!" Riddle tried pushing a feemock toward the barn. It looked at him and walked off, leaving Riddle to do the Regain Balance Dance.

Pipper fluffed out its tail and took a step forward. 

Right into the vision of a single feemock...

* End of Ch 2 *

* Illustrations will be added in future updates*

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