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Community round-up: January 27 2020

Wow, January is nearly over and as we limp, blooded and skint, towards the first payday since Christmas, here is a little round up of the interesting and thought-provoking (and sometimes downright witty) stuff we’ve been talking about on the community.

Interesting discussions

The community are talking about whether they listen to music while writing and the results have been really mixed and at times surprising! 

So… do you listen to music while you write? 

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An absolutely fascinating discussion was started by community member Elle, who finds that aiming to create a ‘publishable book’ has eroded the enjoyment of writing for writing’s sake. Does this chime with anyone else? 

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Do come and join or start a conversation, we’re all very friendly! 

Find your tribe

Have you joined any of our community groups yet? We have groups for different stages of writing, different genres and even a book club. We’re going to be expanding these as we grow so do pop along. And if you think there’s a group we should be starting, let me know! 

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Ultimate Novel Writing Course Webchat

Just a reminder! On February 4th at 7pm British time, Amanda Saint and Craig Taylor from the Ultimate Novel Writing Course will be on hand to answer any questions. You don't need to turn up on the day itself, you can even post ahead of time.

Join the webchat here

If you’d like to know more about how the Ultimate Novel Writing Course could help you finish a winning novel, here is a blog post from Abigail Johnson who was one of the very first students of the course.  

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  • Holly, I understood that this is the first time this course has been offered, at least by Amanda. Can you clarify? 

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    • Hi, I can clarify for you, Mary Kathleen. The entire course was run once, privately, in beta, in order to refine it and improve it, before its formal, public launch. Hope that helps. Craig

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