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The Process

I am trying to emulate a certain style, jumping around, rather than staying linear.

A man sat on a bench, and he were eating lunch. The ducks, were being fed, by little children, but a boy were drowning in the lake, and the old man were deaf. The boy, were the old man’s quarry, but the ducks were beyond his hearing range, as he read the newspaper. At home, the mother cried, as the police took her in their arms, like a snake slithering into its hole. The boy, were cold and blue, upon the floor of the open coffin, but the old man had thought a particular thought, as he had sat there reading.

The boy had been playing by his feet, and the old man patted his head. The chips, were laid out upon the grasses, and they both ate with tomato sauce, but a deaf old man could not hear the nattering of a boys. The boy, took some chips, and went off to feed the ducks in the lake. He were in the water before long, and wading after the ducks, unaware of the snake, sliding across the surface of the water. 

The man looked up. He could not see the boy. He took his hat and cane, and shifted the remains of the chips. He was not aware, that the boy had taken a sheet, and walked off with the rest. The paper, fell by the wayside, and the man looked about the grasses, in amongst the people he was sure he could find a sign of the boy. He had been reading of the latest paedophile, and that had taken him into a gripping nightmare, thinking about the boy as he looked for him.

The boy, waded after the ducks, and the chips were upon the grasses, and the reeds parted, and the snake struck. As he cried out, it were in pain, and in fear, as he called for help. The venom slowly filled his veins, and immobilised his body. Snakes venom, were for the purpose of not only killing their prey, but also like a spider, preparing them to be digested. The boy, struggled with his pain, as the snake sunk with him, as he fell below the surface of the water.

The man, were too late to save the boy. He saw the chips on the grasses, and then he saw the body floating on the lake. He knew it to be the boy, as he took his hat and padded it to his chest. The fear he had felt, looking for not only a boy, but a man with him, had blinded him to the fact that a boy could not eat all those chips on his own, he must have had help, else taken them elsewhere, to feed the ducks. Through his searching, he had found a man in the bushes with a child, and had rung the police, but in the process he had lost his kin.

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  • HI Samaulle. Have you thought of writing this as poetry? Also I think it may be set somewhere abroad as we do not have venomous snakes in UK but the picture you write suggests an English scene (chips/feeding ducks). Maybe the snake is a device for something bad (the paedophile maybe?)

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