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Free Jericho Writers premium membership for 14 days

2020 has been quite the whirlwind so far. And at times like these, we find it’s best to stick together. 

If you’ve not yet joined Jericho Writers as a member, we are giving away FREE 14 day memberships.

This exclusive open-doors event will give you access to hundreds of hours of professional video courses, masterclasses, webinars and agent-search tools you won’t find anywhere else. All from the comfort of your sofa. 


For 14 days.

There are no lock-ins, hidden clauses or sneaky details here. At the end of the 14 days, you’ll be free to stick around or take your leave without charge. To make use of the offer, simply follow the link above before 31 March 2020. 

Please note that this is totally separate to your Jericho Writers Townhouse membership, which is always free. You will need to set up a new login and choose a password on the main Jericho Writers website if you do not already have one. 

We can’t wait to show you around!

See you in there,

The Jericho Writers team

Ps: Having trouble with the link? Try copying this URL into your browser: https://members.jerichowriters.com/bazaar/full-membership-14-day?utm_source=TH&utm_medium=Blog&utm_campaign=14_day

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  • Holly, I would appreciate some guidance on navigating this system. I receive numerous notifications. When I click on them I receive a 'disconnected' comment. Some appear interesting, others not - to me. I have no idea of which conversation they form a part. I have tried to adjust the notification list in my account but that does not seem to make to much difference to the number I receive and, in any case, it does not solve my problem of participating in the appropriate conversation. Help would be appreciated.

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    • Hmm that doesn't sound quite right, I'm sorry that is happening. I would like to overhaul our notifications eventually but unfortunately I need to focus on one thing at a time. If you still experience problems, do feel free to email any time on holly@jerichowriters.com..

      Best wishes,


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      • Holly, even with this I have a problem. What exactly did I just say? Can't this conversation be strung together? If you too are receiving comments and queries from a range of members and non-members you must have a hell of a job.

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        • Ron, the main cause of the issue you are experiencing is that the platform the community is built on developed a bug with its last update, about a month ago - see thread Notification errors.

          Where the notification is about a new post, it links cleanly. If it's a reply to a reply, there will be a navigational back-arrow above the user's name (as in this case), which will take you to the right palce. If it's a reply to a main post, you're on your own. 😉 

          Oh, also, re stringing conversations together, that would require a) people to always actively respond to the specific message, and b) the platform to support threading within threading (which it don't).

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        • Rick, Explaining the purpose of that arrow near the top is so helpful! Thanks. I can now make some sense of at least some of the notifications I receive. And thanks again.

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          • Holly, just a practical question - is the 14 days from the day you sign up or 14 days from the offer day? I'd definitely like to do it, it's just a matter of the best timing in the circumstances...

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            • Hi Sarita, it's 14 days from when you sign up :)

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            • Oh, I thought the offer of the free membership was open for 14 days, not that the free membership itself lasted for 14 days. I misunderstood. Better make use of it while I can!

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              • Two technical questions, Holly.

                It says "before 31 March 2020". Is that before the beginning of, or before the end of? (Do I need to redeem it today, or can I leave it until tomorrow? And how precise is the cut-off?)

                Secondly, 14 free days. Is that a clean 336 hours? Or will it be cut off at the end of a calendar day, in which case is it a generous or restrictive 14 day? (If I activate it tomorrow - Tuesday - how much of Tuesday 14 April do I get?)

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                • Hi Rick, you have until midnight GMT on 31st March and it will run the full 336 hours. 

                  Hope that helps,


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                  • Thanks Holly.

                    (It won't make a difference to my timing, but do you really mean GMT, or BST?)

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                    • Ah you're right, the perils of not being in the UK. It's BST now. 

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