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  • Hi Blakeney,

    The full interview appears on the agent's AgentMatch profile (which can only be accessed by Jericho members), but we do a 'spotlight on' feature here on community where we include some information about the agent and highlights from the interview. You can see the previous features we've done under to see an example.

    Your first question is interesting, I'll add it to our question list for agent interviews.

    Regarding your second question, unfortunately agents will often say that they are so busy with reading submissions, working with their current clients, and other tasks involved in their role, that they simply don't have time to respond to everyone (which is often why an agency or agent will say "if you haven't received a response in _____ then your manuscript is probably not right for us", or something along those lines). I know this is something that isn't ideal, for authors or agents, and is disappointing to hear, but agents can receive dozens of submissions a day, hundreds in a month, and they are on the search for the right author in the same way as an author is searching for the right agent. Even using pre-set responses would take a considerable amount of time when you consider how many submissions each agent receives. We can certainly ask agents this question but in all likelihood their answers will be very similar. 

    Thank you for your questions, and we will add them for future interviews. 

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