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  • For me, it's simple. I'm working to apply stuff I learned at for revisions and writing. 

    I'm starting with short stories, because I figured, if I make a mess of it, it is easier to get over the loss. 😇 

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    • Thanks for adding me - I'd love to stay in touch with people both here and on Twitter (I'm @see_susanna)

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      • I'm trying to figure that out too Marian. Actually, trying to figure out Townhouse. Do you know what the moderator meant by ? I thought that was perhaps how we can enter a chat or forum after that inspirational talk!

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        • Hi everyone! If you Tweet about the Festival, use the hashtag and you'll be able to find your fellow Festival attendees. Please give our Jericho account a follow at @JerichoWriters and personally I'm on @sophielflynn (writing Tweets interspersed with dogs and Netflix) and you can find Rachel from tonight's session at @BadRedheadMedia :) 

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