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  • Alex, how do I follow and ? Do I need the hashtag when I search? What does # mean anyway????

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    • Hi Rose, following you now (I'm @alexmoney10). Haven't done for the same reasons the others have mentioned, but I've tried some of the UK versions aimed at children's books. To be honest, they're a bit of a lottery - so many people are tweeting at the same time, it's easy for your own tweet to be lost in a sea of them and for you to get dispirited when you don't get any likes from agents. Or worse still, getting a like and then realising it's from one of your friends trying to help who doesn't know the rules! But I do hear of people who find agents through them, so there's always the temptation to try again.

      Funnily enough, I've done a tweet pitch today as part of something called that's been running throughout Feb. I think it's mainly - but not exclusively - for children's book writers, but it's been really useful to me and a great example of how supportive and encouraging twitter's can be!


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      • I know what you mean, Julie! I don't do Facebook or Instagram, and Twitter can be a minefield at times, but the on there is hugely supportive, friendly and helpful.

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        • Hi Carol

          I have self published two books over the last year and I agree with Helen, writing the books is the easy part. I have found that the dreaded social media has been my best avenue to sales. I have tried Facebook Ads and sometimes you sell enough to cover the costs but not always. I have joined a great group of writers on Twitter where I have met loads of lovely writers who are so supportive. Through that I have virtually met some book bloggers and done a couple of writer interviews. 

          I need to set up a website but that has been on my to do list for a long time now!

          I haven't sold heaps of books but I guess most of us are not in this game to make money but to share our stories with others. Good luck with the launch.  


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